Monday, May 4, 2009

When It Rains... It Pours !!!

First there was mention of the carnival in April... then talk of a Sports Bar at 702 New Dorp Lane... then comes a Comedy Club in the old Lane Theatre... followed by rumors of possible new stores in the Hylan Blvd area... while burglers are scowering the Grant City and New Dorp area... then comes the closing of the Ocean3 Restaurant (?)... and that leads us to where?

Now a car service will move into 658 New Dorp Lane (a former New Dorp business looking to return) ... to be followed by another carnival in the Frank's property from May 15 to May 25... as the Flea Market returns...

For so long quiet... now things are bursting out all over.

Ah... be careful what you wish for.

Our next meeting is May 21 with many of the topics focused on New Dorp Beach, such as, the History of New Dorp Beach presentation, discussion about 702 New Dorp Lane and now 658 New Dorp Lane.

Plan on attending our meeting. Bring a neighbor.

> Joe Markowski


  1. 658 New Dorp Lane - That is King Deli, I believe. I wonder if they are closing down or dividing the property?

  2. When you are facing the building there is a small office on the right hand side. I believe he is looking to occupy that space.