Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Meeting Thursday April 15

Greetings friends and neighbors. I don’t know about you but the past few months have been brutal from a weather perspective. Sure we had a wonderful Easter weekend. But when I think back at the snowstorms followed by the rain and the terrible rainstorm which ripped up our neighborhood, I am looking forward to some nice boring predictable weather.

Our guest speaker this month will be Department of Transportation Borough Commissioner Tom Cocola. Mr.Cocola will be talking to us about the traffic situation in New Dorp with emphasis on the Safe Streets for Seniors program that was first implemented in our community.

Next month we will have a special presentation on the plans for the former Frank’s Nursery/ A&P property. Come and both hear and see what is planned for that space. And it’s not a flea market!

What about the Lane Theatre/ Uncle Vinnie’s Comedy Club? Been there? What do you think about it? Any recommendations?

Did you remember to complete and send in your census form? It is the only way we can ensure that we get what we are entitled to.

And you are aware of the upcoming hearings on the water rate hikes and the Charter Commission Revision hearings… right? Get involved. Read up on these things. Your future, your children’s future and your grandchildren’s future will be impacted by these things.

As mentioned last month, walk up and down the Lane and the Plaza. I have not seen this many empty stores in a decade. Many people are being careful with their money as they wonder about their jobs or continue searching for jobs. As long as the credit markets remain cautious the stores will reopen slowly as more of our people weigh very carefully the wisdom of opening a new endeavor. These are trying times. Look for opportunities to spend your money in New Dorp. Every little bit helps.

And I’m not even going to talk about our roads again. That too is getting a good amount of publicity. Moonscapes. Roads that were recently fixed are already cratered. Seams where new roads were joined together are scarred with holes. What happened? Yes, I know it snowed. It snows every year. Never before have I seen such widespread cratering. What gives? Has the mixture of asphalt they use changed over the past year? Or are the crews less skilled ? Or are they more rushed? Why is every trip down the road a challenge?

Plan on attending a meeting and bring a neighbor. Can’t you give two hours a month to your community? Think about it.

Lastly, never forget that an important part of this dynamic is your feedback and participation. We need your comments, your concerns, your suggestions, your complaints. It is your neighborhood. What is on your mind?
Let us know at 718-979-6011, newdorpcentralcivic@yahoo.com or comment on the blog. Check us out at http://www.ndcca.blogspot.com for continuous updates.

I need you to sing aloud the need for civic involvement and invite your neighbors to join. The more voices the smoother and richer the sound. Thank you for your interest in our neighborhood. You live here. You know why it is a respected and desirable community. Be proud of it.

See you around the neighborhood.

> Joe Markowski