Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Nini's, Neuhaus, Keyspan, Parks and Franks

So whats been happening? We had our 45th Dining through New Dorp experience last week as we dined at Nini's on New Dorp Lane. We were treated wonderfully and the food and company was terrific! You should plan on joining us the next time we dine. Hey... you gotta eat!

Neuhaus Realty has a large cell tower sticking up on their property at the intersection of Rockland Avenue and Richmond Road. Actually its one of the new towers that are being placed throughout the city and are dedicated to carrying traffic for the city's first responders. We have been assured that no commercial traffic will be using that facility... and it can be erected on commercial property as of right.

Meanwhile Keyspan - soon to be known as National Grid - has been digging up many of the streets throughout our community... digging long trenches along many of the streets south of New Dorp Lane. We have reached out to Councilman Oddo's office looking for his help in making sure that they put our streets back together when they are finished. As you are aware, Councilman Oddo is one of the City Councilmen proposing legislation that will require that our streets be put back together following any excavation.

And it seems that our Borough President is proposing to construct a park in the New Dorp Beach area. That is wonderful news for our community... and it's completion should not be that far away.

Lastly, the old Franks property has seen some excavation on that property recently and it is all part of a demolition permit that was granted for that property. As to what will happen there... no news yet.

So thats a quick synopsis of the goings on in the neighborhood.

What news do you have for us? Come on... share it and let us hear what you have to say !!!!

> Joe

Monday, April 14, 2008

Our Meeting is Thursday Night

Our meeting is Thursday night. Plan now on attending.

Our speaker will talk about the Greenbelt Recreation Center.

We will talk about the possibilities for the PS41 playground.

And what about what Keyspan is doing to our streets?

Come share your views and insights.

> Joe Markowski

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Upcoming April Meeting News

Greetings. Spring is finally in the air… or at least it is supposed to be in the air. Just as Winter was not very wintry… Spring has not been very Springy… so far. But its early. Keep the faith. We know what April showers bring… and then what Mayflowers bring….

Last month we were fortunate to have a number of speakers update us on a number of matters. Police Officers Maria Gilsenan (check out chit chat) and Kevin Medifendt gave us a number of safety tips to remember as the warmer weather approaches. Doctor Dennis Blumfield representing the S.I.Heart Society spoke to us about the risk factors of heart attack – focusing on the things we cannot control and the things we can control. And Ron O’Loughlin informed us about some upcoming fund-raisers by Boy Scout Troop 24. And Yolanda Gleason told us about all the wonderful programs at the New Dorp Branch Library.

This month we will hear about the changes and new offerings at the Greenbelt Recreation Center on Brielle Avenue. Come hear about what is available to you at this location.

We will resume our Dining Through New Dorp program with our 45th visit to a wonderful neighborhood restaurant – Nini’s. Look inside for details and plan now on joining us for good food, conversation and good company. We will be dining out Wednesday, April 23. We have purchased over 1278 dinners from our neighborhood restaurants and spent over $31,300 since 1994. It is a program of which you can all be proud.

Our meeting this month is Thursday, April 17, 2008 at the Kells-Grennie American Legion Post at 2750 Amboy Road. We will begin promptly at 8 p.m. Come. Join us. And… bring a neighbor!