Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Oh Deer... Literally !!

I wanted to share an incredible story that I was told tonight at the Community Board meeting. Last Thursday morning, a colleague was waiting for the 15X express bus at Amboy Road and First Street when he was suddenly confronted by a large male deer. Yep, a full-antlered, multi-point buck. There was a brief moment of indecision for my friend as he was confronted with this relative of sweet Bambi. What do you do? The animal is significantly larger than you are. And there is no place to hide. Fortunately he was rescued by the approaching express bus which provided the necessary shelter.

This same person said that a few days earlier his wife had seen a large male deer at the top of New Dorp Lane by the gas station. Was that deer also waiting for the bus? Do we need to supply our deer population with Metrocards? Or will we need to provide shelters at the bus stops to protect our citizens? Perhaps the merchants are planning on gracing the Lane with live reindeer this holiday season instead of the traditional streetlights. Wow.

You have to love this neighborhood!

> Joe Markowski

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Meeting Notice (Its Tomorrow Oct 15)) and other Comments

So here comes the second newsletter of the new year and we are already feeling the first touches of Autumn. It is dark in the morning when we rise and the sun sets so much earlier than it did just a few short weeks ago. I don’t know what it is about sunlight but its absence makes everything seem not quite as full of life.

The newsletter last month was a little different from the usual fare. It was more of a call for some dialogue or a quest for suggestions than anything else. And in all candor it did not elicit a great outpouring of comments or suggestions.

I ended my remarks last month by asking for three things. Well, our membership renewal envelopes have been mailed so I hope you will take out a few minutes and renew your commitment to this community. I then asked that you let me know what you think. Hey, don’t be bashful. Let me have it! What ideas do you have? And lastly I asked each of you to pass along the enclosed membership form to a neighbor and ask them to join. Remember? Let me refresh your memory.

I am going to ask you for three things:
Renew your membership in our organization. At $18 per year that is a little less than 5 cents per day.
Let me know what you think. What ideas do you have for this organization? Leave a voicemail at 718-979-6011… or send a note to… NDCCA, PO Box 060245, SI, NY 10306… or send an email to newdorpcentralcivic@yahoo.com. Speak up! Share your thoughts and suggestions.
Pass the enclosed membership application to someone in the New Dorp area and encourage them to join.

Our guest speaker this month will be David Shear from LifeWorks. What is LifeWorks? It is a Wellness Arts Center providing holistic healthcare for body, mind, heart, and spirit. What does all that mean and how does it pertain to you? Come join us and find out. Thursday. October 15. 8pm at the Kells-Grennie American Legion Post at 2750 Amboy Road.

We have set up our next Dining Through New Dorp event. As you recall, we started this program over fifteen years ago in May 1994 as a way of supporting the restaurants in our neighborhood while providing our members and their family and friends an opportunity to get together socially for food and good conversation. Over those years we have purchased over 1300 meals and spent over $32 thousand on our restaurants. So plan now on joining us.We will be eating at Restaurant On the Plaza at 50 New Dorp Plaza on Thursday November 12 – not Wednesday November 11 as originally mentioned - at 7pm.
What will we be eating? Assorted hot appetizers, antipasto salad, an assortment of pizzas, soda, coffee, tea and desert… all for $23 per person. Mark your calendars and plan now on joining us. Call Linda at 718-351-3714 to make your reservation.

An article in October 7th’s NYTimes talks about declining involvement in our civic life. Specifically it talks about the poor turnout for the runoff in the Democratic primary. In a number of polling districts not a single voter showed up. Zero. None. Let’s make sure we do not suffer the same fate here in our community.

I sometimes worry about these appeals. Isn’t it like preaching to the choir? Well, I need you to sing aloud the need for civic involvement and invite your neighbors to join. The more voices the smoother and richer the sound.

Thank you for your interest in our neighborhood. You live here. You know why it is a respected and desirable community. Be proud of it.

See you around the neighborhood…

Joe Markowski

Our next meeting is Thursday, October 15, 2009 at the Kells-Grennie American Legion Post, 2750 Amboy Rd at 8pm.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

More Movie Info

Speaking of entertainment and films, there is some equipment temporarily being placed on the former Frank's/A&P/Waldbaum's property on NDLane that is being used by Columbia Pictures. They are filming a movie - starring Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg (?) - at various locations throughout Staten Island and they needed a spot to locate some of their equipment for a short period of time. Thought you might like to know.

> Joe

Excitement in New Dorp: Movies and Parades

And for those of you who do not feel there is enough excitement in our neighborhood, how about the movie they are filming on Sterling Avenue by Clawson? It’s for a Feature Film Production entitled “The Other Guys”. Current plans call for them to be taking everything down on Friday.

Sunday is the 19th Annual Columbus Day Parade up New Dorp Lane sponsored by Borough President Jim Molinaro. Plan now on watching this wonderful event which starts at 1pm at New Dorp High School. The Grand Marshall this year is the Honorable Thomas D’Addone , Mayor of Crespina, Italy. Make sure we line the streets of the Lane as we welcome this wonderful event.

Lastly, our dues envelopes are in the mail. Please renew your membership and invite a neighbor to join. This is a terrific community and we need to remain strong and protect it.

Have news to share? Need a membership application? Leave a message at 718-979-6011 or email us at newdorpcentralcivic@yahoo.com.

> Joe Markowski