Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Meeting Thursday Night

We meet Thursday night, January 17 at the Kells-Grennie American Legion Post at 8pm.

Come join us as we kick off the new year,

Friday, January 4, 2008

Discovering New Dorp in the New Year

Greetings. The holidays are past and we are now into the new year. I hope the holidays were pleasant and gratifying for you.

I had the opportunity to stroll down New Dorp Lane this morning and I realized that it has been a long time since I did just that. Wow. What changes. So many places catering to hair and nails! And quite a few new places to get something to eat. Now that could be exciting. Then there is the new temporary location for a bank while its new office gets constructed on the corner of NDL and Edison. And to my great surprise - tattoos! Yep, you can get a tattoo on the Lane! Only, I'm not sure what that means for our community. Me? I'm unlikely to get a tattoo soon. Such is life.

I also was reminded of the fact that we all need to keep current with the technology that is being introduced into our lives. I watched a couple at an ATM on the Lane struggling to figure out how to use it. It was actually painful to watch. And they were no older than I. So don't be a Luddite. Change is coming. Try and keep in touch with it.

I also stopped in at our New Dorp Branch Library. Are you aware that it is now open 7 days a week! Wow. This is a wonderful change and make sure you take advantage of it.

I'll be reaching out for updates on many of the issues facing our community. And I encourage you to bring things to our attention. We all have a vested interest in keeping New Dorp a thriving, desirable community.

Enough for now. Stay safe and enjoy each day.

> Joe