Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Columbus Day Parade - October 5

Borough President James Molinaro will be sponsoring the 17th Annual Columbus Day Parade up New Dorp Lane this Sunday. This is a special tribute to our community and deserves our support and attendance.

The parade starts at 1pm at New Dorp High School and then marches up the Lane to the railroad tracks where the reviewing stand will be set up.

This is a wonderful event for our community and I encourage everyone to make sure you attend. Plan now on spending some time on the Lane, meeting your neighbors, visiting the merchants, and then watching this wonderful spectacle. Bring your friends, your relatives, your neighbors.

The Grand Marshall this year is Nicholas Scoppetta, the Commissioner of the Fire Department of New York.

There are numerous good vantage points all along the Lane. So make sure you join the members of our Association along the parade route, cheering on the marchers.

I hope to see you there Sunday.

> Joe Markowski, President, NDCCA

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Germans Came !!!!!

After talking about it for over two years the magic day finally arrived and it went by in a flash. 78 Minutes to be exact. But a wonderful experience was had by all. And a special thank you to the Boy Scouts for hosting our little get together...

... they were wonderful hosts and performed an inspiring flag ceremony. Also, a thank you to the Borough President for the proclamation we were able to present to our guests celebrating today - September 17 as "Staten Island/Duisberg-Neudorf Sister City Day"...

... as Joe Markowski, President of the New Dorp Central Civic Association presents the Borough President's proclamation to Harald Jeschke, President of Burgerverein Duisberg-Neudorf e.V.

Want to know more? to see more photos? Attend our meeting tomorrow night - Thursday, September 18, 2008 at 8pm at the Kells-Grennie American Legion Post, 2750 Amboy Road.

And we will also talk about other things effecting our community. However this was one special day. Wow!

> Joe Markowski
President, New Dorp Central Civic Association

Monday, September 8, 2008

Back to Work - 10 Items to Discuss

With the summer vacation season now over and the season of autumn just two weeks away, it is time to focus on issues/items involving our community. So lets chat briefly about a few things.

1. The Germans are coming. Yes, you've heard me talk about their upcoming visit. Well they are due to arrive here the afternoon of September 17. Are you available? Then meet us at the New Dorp Train Station at 3:15pm. They will be arriving at 3:30pm and need to catch the 7pm train back. So we will share about three hours together. We will stroll around the neighborhood and then meet for a snack and some talk... but more on this over the next few days.

2. The primary elections are tomorrow - Sep 9 - followed by the general elections in November. People who represent our neighborhood are asking for your vote. Take the time to learn what each person can and will do for you and then cast a meaningful vote.

3. NationalGrid (aka Keyspan) has dug up many trenches throughout our community. Have they repaired your street in a smooth manner? Let us know if they have disappointed you in what they did. (Of course, you may also compliment their work.)

4. Ah... the Flea Market. Are you enjoying it? How do you feel it contributes to the neighborhood? What would you like to see there?

5. Construction is beginning at the PS41 schoolyard as they work on their new play area. Check out their progress. We will be reaching out to the school to see the final approved plans.

6. Did you notice the tables and chairs atop Ariana's catering hall on New Dorp Plaza? Yep, on the roof. We've been told that is against the zoning for this area... yet the tables and chairs remain. What gives !?!

7. New Dorp author and journalist Jack Sampson - who will be celebrating his 100th birthday this month - will have his collection of papers, articles and writings on display at the College of Staten Island on Wednesday 9/10 at 1:30pm. If you can, check it out.

8. The building at 58 New Dorp Plaza is being demolished. At this time we have not learned what will replace it.

9. There is still time to donate blood as part of the Borough President's 9/11 Blood Donor Drive. Call Joanne Nuzzo at 718-816-2133 to find the next location and schedule your appointment.

10. The John M. D'Amato Athletic Field will be built in New Dorp Beach Park at the foot of New Dorp Lane overlooking the beach. Construction on the artificial turf field is scheduled to begin this fall.

So... there are ten things we can begin working on now that the summer vacation season is gone.

What are your thoughts?
Your concerns?
Reach out and let us know.
Get involved.

Comment on this blog. Send us an email at newdorpcentralcivic@yahoo.com or ndcca@excite.com

> Joe Markowski