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Here's a listing of all of the NDCCA forms available:

FRIENDS OF NEW DORP MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION- For Non-New Dorp Residents who want to participate in NDCCA activities

GOOD NEIGHBOR NOMINATION FORM- Let your neighbor know how special they are. Nominate them for NDCCA's Good Neighbor Award

Community Links

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New Dorp specific -

The New Dorp Central Civic Association -

NYPD 122 Precinct - (The website for the 122 Precinct which covers New Dorp)

New Dorp Branch Library -

New Dorp High School -

Staten Island Technical High School -

P.S. #41 -

Staten Island Technical High School -

NYPD 122 Precinct - (The website for the 122 Precinct which covers New Dorp)


Staten Island related -

Office of the Borough President -
To send a message to the Borough President use this form -

Staten Island Economic Development Corporation

Staten Island Chamber of Commerce

Staten Island Advance

SI Live (The Advance On-Line) -

Staten Island Growth Management task Force -


NYC general information sites-

Main NYC website-

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NYC Agencies listing – (lists all the NYC Agencies)

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NYC general forms directory-

NYC Publications directory - (Lists the NYC publications you can purchase)

NYC Department of Buildings -

NYPD main website- (The primary website for the NY Police Department)

NYPD 122 Precinct - (The website for the 122 Precinct which covers New Dorp)

FDNY main website – (The primary website for the NY Fire Department)


Specific complaint & service request forms w/ phone numbers-

NYC DOT Traffic Sign Repair Request Form -

NYC DOT Street Light Repair Request Form -

NYC DOT Street Defect/Pothole Repair Request Form

NYC DOT Street, Highway & Sidewalk Construction Complaint Form

NYC Department of Sanitation Online Service Requests

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NYC Board of Standards and Appeals

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Staten Island Railway -
718-876-8261 Fax 718-876-8258

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NYC Council-

James Oddo, NYC Council - 50th district.
94 Lincoln Avenue, 10306
718-980-1017 Fax 718-980-1051

Andrew Lanza, NYC Council - 51st district.
3944 Richmond Avenue, 10312
718-984-5151 Fax 718-984-5737


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NYS Department of Motor Vehicles

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Internet Fraud Watch - find out which consumer sites in cyberspace are legitimate

Internet print shop with this site you can design your own stationary, and more.

Health answers - health resource for people of all ages

Bank Rate Monitor free bank rate monitor of mortgages, credit cards, and auto loans, savings, ATM and checking account fees.

Food, food and more food. - find recipes dining around, browse and shop

Travel - - Travel site.

Websites for 50 and over age group:

New York State Office for the Aging
Information for older adults and their families. Also check out for an interactive checklist to spot possible safety problems in the home for older consumers.


What is a Volunteer? by Marie Markowski

We have all just realized no matter how busy we are, how hectic our schedule is or how demanding our job, all that could change in a minute. When the tragedy struck on September 11, 2001 we not only lost husbands, wives, mothers, fathers, relatives, friends and rescue workers we also lost some of our best volunteers. They were our little league, basketball, soccer and football coaches. Boy/Girl Scout leaders, school volunteers (trips, lunch duty etc.), community volunteers (civic leaders, block watchers etc.), church lectors/ushers and people who were dedicated to countless other causes.

We live in a time when everyone is committed to continuous busy schedules. When we are asked to volunteer our first answer is “sorry I don’t have the time now”. Sometime we don’t realize it may only be one day or one hour that is needed. Many people feel they don’t know how to help. We all have gifts that could help others. You have to sit down and ask yourself WHAT AM I GOOD AT. Do I like to meet/greet other people (membership committee for an organization)?

Do I like to read books and newspapers (historian for an organization)?

Do I like to talk on the phone (relay person for an organization)?

Do I like to take pictures (photographer for an organization)?

Do I take good notes (recording secretary for an organization)?

Do I like to write letters or notes (corresponding secretary for an organization)?

Do I like to send cards/notes (sunshine committee for an organization)?

There are endless possibilities. It may be you only have to attend a meeting once a month. Many times the rewards you get back are priceless. You may get to meet new neighbors and even make new friends along the way that will last a lifetime.

We are all asking at this time what can I do to help? Giving Blood and monetary contributions are very worthwhile actions and definitely needed but we should also remember many organizations lost something very precious – VOLUNTEERS - who gave their precious time.

Find an organization, charity, school, church or an event that could use your help and VOLUNTEER."

Opportunities for You to Help NDCCA...
Like every volunteer organization, we need people to help out... if we are going to be able to help out. Remember, we have no paid staff. Everything that gets done gets, done because someone volunteered some time and effort to help you and this community. So I thought I would list some things that we would like to do. If you can volunteer just an hour a month, it will help us accomplish so much more. Call at 979-6011 and let us know how you can help this community. We can use help in these areas:

PHOTOGRAPHER - we need a photographer to capture the moments of our association for our photo albums

MEET AND GREETERS- we need people to go out and greet your neighbors who are non-members; share a few moments with them; give them a copy of our newsletter; tell them what we have done; and invite them to join with us; we are the best bargain in New Dorp for only a buck a month!

GRAFFITI BUSTERS- we need people to give an occasional hour on a Saturday or Sunday to work with our Teens Against Graffiti and help Kitty Masi with our graffiti removal program

LITERATURE COORDINATOR - for our meetings. This individual would have to bring the literature to the meetings, including set up and breakdown, and reach out to various organizations to gather meaningful literature for our members.

So call tonight and become part of the solution !

Important Dates 2007

JUNE 2007

Jun17 Sun Fathers’ Day

Jun19 Tue Community Board #2 Monthly Meeting

Jun20 Wed 122 Pct Community Council meeting

Jun21 Thu NDCCA Monthly Meeting

MAY 2007

May13 Sun Mothers’ Day

May15 Tue Community Board #2 Monthly Meeting

May16 Wed 122 Pct Community Council meeting

May17 Thu NDCCA Monthly Meeting

May28 Mon Memorial Day

May30 Wed Dining Through New Dorp – 43 at Restaurant on the Plaza

APRIL 2007

Apr17 Tue Community Board #2 Monthly Meeting

Apr18 Wed 122 Pct Community Council meeting

Apr19 Thu NDCCA Monthly Meeting

Apr25 Wed Councilman Oddo Civic Roundtable

Apr26 Thu CSI Water Board hearing

MARCH 2007
Feb14 Wed Valentine’s Day

Feb15 Thu NDCCA Monthly Meeting

Feb19 Mon Presidents’ Day Holiday

Feb20 Tue Election Day

Feb20 Tue Community Board #2 Monthly Meeting

Feb21 Wed 122 Pct Community Council meeting

Jan15 Mon Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday

Jan17 Wed 122 Pct Community Council meeting

Jan18 Thu NDCCA Monthly Meeting

WHO'S WHO 2007

Joseph E. MarkowskiPresident
Chair, Traffic Committee

Thomas Coffey
Executive Vice President
Chair, By-Laws Committee
Chair, Education Committee

John Donovan
Senior Vice President
Chair, Smoke Detector Committee

Ronald S. Cole
Chair, Programs Committee

Marie J. Markowski

Rina Pizza
Assistant Treasurer

Theresa Troiano
Corresponding Secretary
Chair, Graffiti Committee

Kenneth Lund
Recording Secretary

William Baumwoll
Chair, Good Neighbor Committee

Vincent Martire
Financial Secretary

Heather Forbes
Chair, Zoning Committee
Chair, Election Committee
Co-Chair, Sunshine Committee

Marie DeFazio
Co-Chair, Sunshine Committee

Linda Marotto
Chair, Dining Program Committee

Ann Marie Finnerty
Liaison to Community Board 2
Liaison to 122 Pct Community Council
Board of Advisors

How to Join

It's easy to become an member of NDCCA.

If you are a Resident of New Dorp, all you have to do is fill out a membership form and send your check for one year's membership. For just $15 a year you can become a member of the New Dorp Central Civic Association (NDCCA) and take part in your community.
In addition to receiving our monthly newsletter, membership in NDCCA allows you to participate in meeting discussions, vote at our General Membership meetings, run for elective office in NDCCA, join our committees, and participate in our activities.

Click here for a copy of our MEMBERSHIP FORM.
If you are Non-Resident of New Dorp, but would like to be a part of our association, we also have an opportunity for you to join as a "Friend of New Dorp." For just $12 a year you can become a Friend of New Dorp which allows you all the benefits of NDCCA membership except for the ability to vote on NDCCA matters or run for office in NDCCA.

Click here for a copy of our "Friends of New Dorp" MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION.

Contact Us

"Call, Fax, Email or Write to us! We'd love to hear from you "--Joseph Markowski, President NDCCA

Phone: 718-979-6011
Fax: 718-979-6011


Write to: Joseph Markowski,
P.O. Box 060245
Staten Island, NY 10306

You can also find us on Facebook.