Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Meeting Thursday June 21

Our next meeting is Thursday night June 21 at at the Kells-Grennie American Legion Post at
2750 Amboy Road

At this last meeting before the summer break we will recap the information shared with us throughout the year by our various speakers: Frank DiTommaso (DiTommaso Realty), Jay Anderson (SI EDC), Len Garcia-Duran (SI City Planning), Bob Englert (Office of the Borough President) and Timothy G. Boylan and Pablo Vengoechea (Architecture Urban Planning, LLP). All these knowledgeable and concerned speakers shared their insights about our community as part of our look at our community as part of the New Dorp 2020/25 Project. We asked: what could New Dorp look like? what will New Dorp look like? Our challenge now is what do we do with that information.

Remember our new format for the upcoming year. Starting in September 2012 we will alternate between having a meeting and publishing a newsletter. We will have meetings in September, November, March and May. We will publish an expanded newsletter in October, January/February, April and June. December will be spent celebrating the holidays.

Does that limit the information you will get or limit your ability to bring up an issue effecting this neighborhood? Not at all. There will be constant access to us through our Post Office mailbox, our email box, our telephone, our blog and our Facebook page. If you want to reach us with a question or share some information or an opinion, there are numerous avenues available to each of you. Check the listing elsewhere in this newsletter. What avenues?

Mail … Post Office
Box 060245, Staten Island, New York 10306
Blog …
Facebook … New Dorp Central Civic Association
Telephone … 718-979-6011
Twitter … @joefromnewdorp

Hope to see you.

> Joe Markowski