Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Updates on the Comedy Club, Sports Bar and Safe Streets for Seniors

At our meeting last Thursday we heard from Dino Ibelli who is now working in the Lane Theatre preparing to make it "Uncle Vinnie’s Comedy Club". He gave us an overview of his hopes for the theatre and provided an overview of what he will be offering there - Comedy on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Fundraisers on Sunday. Movies in 3D in Monday. He will have security at the venue and expects most shows to be over and the theatre vacated by 2am-ish.

Want to know more about this comedy club? Check out..

At our next meeting we will hear from Dominick Griffo who currently runs the bar "Under the Boardwalk" on Hylan Blvd. He will be opening a sports bar at 702 New Dorp Lane across from field 4 in Miller Field. Dominick hopes to be open for business by late summer. He will have wide screen televisions and a juke box. No live music.

Last night and throughout today on NY1 you saw the new project – Safe Streets for Seniors - by the Staten Island DOT. Borough Commissioner Tom Cocola presented the project at Community Board #2 last night. The designs will work to provide safer crossings of Hylan Blvd. for seniors and students. You can see all the details of the project at the DOT website. You can key the following to find additional details:

It would have been nice if the Aging Committee of CB2 had been given a heads-up on this project. They discussed safety for seniors on Hylan Blvd at length over the past few years focusing much of their discussion on getting the buses to alter their routes so that seniors would not have to cross Hylan Blvd to get to the shopping plazas. And it would have been nice if our Association had been contacted prior to the announcement. Indeed.

And remember, Joshua Jakob will be our guest speaker at our May meeting – May 21 – to talk about the History of New Dorp Beach. Yep, May 21 will focus mainly on New Dorp Beach.

Mark your calendars. Bring your neighbors.

> Joe Markowski

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