Tuesday, May 5, 2009

More on 658 New Dorp Lane

The owner of New Richmond Car Service will be bringing a fleet of ten cars to the 658 location. Those vehicles currently operate out of Bay Street. He formerly operated in New Dorp but moved out about three years ago when the building he was operating out of was sold. Now he wants to return to this community.

The building at 658 contains King Deli as well as a small office to the right which he will be occupying. His vehicles will have use of the side parking lot when they are not on the road. Many of the vehicles are driven to their home at the end of each shift so there should not be a parking problem. No servicing or washing of the vehicles will happen on the premises.

We expressed concern about the temptation his drivers will have to go down Finley to enter the parking lot. (Finley is a one-way street emptying into NDL.) The parking lot is surrounded by a six foot high solid wooden fence and provides no visibility from Finley to NDL or vice versa. We are concerned that someone will be trying to exit Finley and will meet a car entering Finley to access the lot... and they will meet head-on. That would be a painful experience for both his driver and our resident.

This issue will be taken up with the owner of the building. There is a very definite safety issue here and we expect this issue to be addressed before we can feel comfortable with this move.

We expect to hear what action, if any, will be taken to resolve this problem within the next few weeks. The owner of the car service is looking for support from Community Board 2 before the end of the month when the Taxi and Limousine Commission will be meeting. Our civic association cannot endorse this action without some resolution to this traffic concern.

> Joe Markowski

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  1. I believe there are two "DO NOT ENTER" signs on Finley Ave which should make it pretty clear that it's now a one way street.