Thursday, April 19, 2012

What a Meeting !

Tonight Bob Englert from the Borough President's Office gave an incredible presentation to us that has my head spinning.

Combining a thoughtful analysis with a concise Powerpoint presentation, Mr. Englert provided us with food for thought ... a feast of ideas and suggestions and insights that spoke to our look at New Dorp and its future ... as part of our New Dorp 2020/25 Project.

Over the upcoming days I hope to share some of his insights and challenges for our consideration.

You may have missed a terrific meeting but I need you to be part of our review.

Let's use his contribution to our efforts to further our examination. Let's use his contribution to spur on our efforts.

I want to thank Bob and the Borough President for their thoughtful and rich contribution to our Project.

> Joe Markowski, President

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