Sunday, June 13, 2010

Meeting This Thursday - Find Out About the Former Frank's Property

Greetings friends and neighbors. As we near the end of the school semester, the beginning of Summer and all the wonderful things that it brings, I can’t help but be excited by the upcoming months. As you know, this will be our last meeting until September. (Summer is a special time for all.)

I must confess that the latest edition of our newsletter is short and a little late in getting out. My fault. I thought I had until this week to get this to the printer and out to you. Wrong. It should have been delivered to the printer two days earlier than it was so I’m hoping it will make it to you in time for our meeting. My apologies. This information will reach our blog at but I’m not sure the newsletter will arrive in your mailbox in time. If it doesn’t, call 718-979-6011 and I will make sure I update you on our June meeting.

Why is June important? We have our elections for the Association’s officers for the next year. All the current officers are running for re-election. That’s part of it.

But much more importantly we will have a couple of special speakers at our June meeting. A representative from Kimco Realty and from Kohl’s Department Store will be at our June meeting to share with us their plans for the former A&P/Frank’s property along New Dorp Lane. Do you have questions? Concerns? Or are you happy that a large quality store will be coming to our neighborhood? Whatever your feeling, come to the meeting… listen to our speakers… ask your questions… and then form your opinion.

I want to extend a thank you to Kimberly Brown for her presentation last month about Island Shopres Senior Residence and all the enhancements that are occurring there. (And a special thanks to Tom Coffey who chaired the meeting and made sure it was an informative and enjoyable experience for all.)

Plan on attending our meeting and bring a neighbor. Can’t you give two hours a month to your community? Think about it.

Lastly, never forget that an important part of this dynamic is your feedback and participation. We need your comments, your concerns, your suggestions, your complaints. It is your neighborhood. What is on your mind?
Let us know at 718-979-6011, or comment on the blog. Check us out at for continuous updates.

I need you to sing aloud the need for civic involvement and invite your neighbors to join. The more voices the smoother and richer the sound. Thank you for your interest in our neighborhood. You live here. You know why it is a respected and desirable community. Be proud of it.

See you around the neighborhood.

Joe Markowski

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