Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Meeting Thursday May 20

Greetings friends and neighbors. Well… help me out. Is it spring? Summer? Autumn? The weather has been so variable and changeable that I’m not sure where we are in the march of the seasons. Perhaps a glance at the calendar would help.

A special thank you to Tom Cocola who spent a challenging evening with us last month as we regaled him with tales about our concerns involving the streets and transportation.

Our guest speaker this month will be from Island Shores Senior Residence in Midland Beach. Ms. Kimberly Brown handles Community Outreach. She would like to say a little about their upcoming renovations. As the only senior housing facility near to New Dorp, their building renovations will make their facility more welcoming for seniors who are in need of housing. Their accommodations are unique because residents can receive in-house medical care but still have their freedom and enjoy an amazing ocean view.

We will also be accepting nominations for the various officer positions within the organization. Elections are scheduled for June. Get involved.

Next month we will have a special presentation on the plans for the former Frank’s Nursery/ A&P property. Come and both hear and see what is planned for that space. And it’s not a flea market!

As I’ve been mentioning for some time, a walk up and down the Lane and the Plaza clearly shows the strain that our commercial district is under. A recent article in the Advance focused on the arrival of stores and businesses usually associated with downtrodden or falling neighborhoods. These are trying times and our neighborhood is hurting. Look for opportunities to spend your money in New Dorp. Every little bit helps.

Plan on attending a meeting and bring a neighbor. Can’t you give two hours a month to your community? Think about it. Lastly, never forget that an important part of this dynamic is your feedback and participation. We need your comments, your concerns, your suggestions, your complaints. It is your neighborhood. What is on your mind?
Let us know at 718-979-6011, newdorpcentralcivic@yahoo.com or comment on the blog. Check us out at http://www.ndcca.blogspot.com for continuous updates.

I need you to sing aloud the need for civic involvement and invite your neighbors to join. The more voices the smoother and richer the sound. Thank you for your interest in our neighborhood. You live here. You know why it is a respected and desirable community. Be proud of it.

See you around the neighborhood.

> Joe Markowski

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