Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Chit Chat in May

OK… we actually did believe that someone would speak at our meeting last month about the Greenbelt Rec Center. However we received a call the afternoon of the meeting saying they could not make it. And they didn’t. Well, now we are told that some one will attend our meeting this month and give us an update on the Center so make sure you attend on Thursday May 15 for an update on the goings-on at the Greenbelt Recreation Center on Brielle Avenue… The cell phone tower that is now situated behind Neuhaus Realty is a “first responder” cell tower dedicated to those services and ensuring they have the bandwidth needed to do their job effectively. No commercial entities should be utilizing that tower… We have not heard back from our German friends since our last correspondence with them. In that message we had informed them that we could not commit at this time to a “town twinning” as they were hoping. That certainly disappointed them and may lead them to alter their plans. We shall see… And we wonder whether Detective Maria Gilsenan will continue in her role as Community Affairs Officer now that she is a Detective?... Also, who will be our new regional librarian now that Theresa Myrhol has moved on to Manhattan? I guess only time will tell… As for the Franks property, aside from the approved demolition work there is still no indication of what will be happening in that space. Admittedly the current real estate market makes all these decisions more challenging but we are certain that such prime real estate will sooner or later be back in play. Our concern is whether the new occupant of that space helps make our neighborhood a better place… Hey, did you see that we are going to be getting a new park down at New Dorp Beach. Wow, first the park with the walking paths and sprinkler and now swings and slides (?) for our kids. That is a terrific change for that space in such a short period of time. Hopefully we can get some information on exactly what is planned for exactly where… And speaking of parks, the playground at PS41 will be undergoing some changes. We have not yet seen the specifics of those changes but we have already heard from some of our neighbors in that vicinity who have some concerns about what those changes could mean for them. We invite those neighbors to come to our meeting and share their experiences and concerns with us so that we can work with them to maximize the benefit of these changes… And we have heard from a former neighbor who is looking for pictures of the original New Dorp train station to help him as he looks to re-create that facility in a model he is building. If you have any such photos, give us a call at 718-979-6011 and we will make sure those photos get to this creative neighbor… In the meantime, if you have something you would like to share with us – leave it on our telephone line at 718-979-6011 or email us. We welcome your insights and observations…Want to get more involved with your community and our organization? You can make a difference. There are a number of other ways you can contribute by joining or chairing a committee. Call 718-979-6011 and let us know that you are interested…

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