Wednesday, March 5, 2008

What's New???

Hey... New Dorp... how are things going in your neck of the woods? What's making you happy? What's making you troubled? What would you like to see done in our neighborhood?

Share your thoughts and comments.

> Joe

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  1. Dear friends of the NDCCA

    I would like to write to you on this way.


    Duisburg, Germany, April 2008

    If people meet, they are talking, and that could be a reason for new meetings.

    To meet and to prepare understatement means to bring people together so that they can get to know and learn to understand each other. That was what I found out during my first stay in Staten Island in 1978, just minutes away from your borough hall, in “Curtis High School” during a foreign students exchange with the late German teacher of the school, Mr. Caspar Scheiper

    In summer 2007 there have been first conversations between Mr. Harald Jeschke, President of the “Neudorf B├╝rgerverein” (Neudorf Citizens Organization) and myself. And there was born an idea that the Organization members would like to visit the city of New York and also the famous German American STEUBEN PARADE in September 2008.

    After first contacts with the members of our Society and especially our friends in Staten Island another idea was born, that the citizens of “Neudorf” should visit the people of “Newdorp” in Staten Island. We thought that this would be a great idea – not only because of the same name of our suburbs.

    The next question was: “What could be done in the future?”

    The Neudorf Citizens Organization is looking for the interests of nearly 27.000 inhabitants in this suburb. There are about 498.000 people living in the whole city of Duisburg and the organization is trying to help the citizens in problems of any case.

    Because the suburb of Neudorf accommodates the University of Duisburg – Essen, worldwide operating companies, an international well known Sports Ground – there have been World Championships in rowing and canoeing – and there is also the home base of the first soccer league team there are a lot of possibilities for contacts and responsibilities. Partners of that organization are based in the economy, the social groups and also in the sporting clubs.

    We would really like – and we hope you would like it too – to maintain an everlasting contact to the people of Newdorp, eventually in an exchange with our friends of the musical activities like the “Kammerchor” (choir) of our University, the Men Choir of Neudorf or from the sporting clubs like soccer teams, or ice hockey clubs, or a canoeing sports club or children of a large comprehensive school with abt. 1500 pupils 10 – 19 years old and even more people.

    All this could be possible. The first dialogues we have had with our Mayor of the City of Duisburg and also with the President of our Borough Council of the great borough of Midtown Duisburg (more than 100.000 Inhabitants).

    We all would be very glad if the borough of Staten Island and the people of Newdorp also would be interested in an Everlasting Partnership with the suburb Duisburg Neudorf! We are ready for it!

    We would like to make the start for that partnership during our stay in New York in September 2008. 40 - 50 members would take place in that visit between September 17th and 21st concerning journalists and members of the Duisburg Police Department.

    We would be glad if you would let us know about your decision concerning our idea for that partnership so that we can prepare ourselves and also could put our interests on a wide regional level.

    Sincerely yours
    Harald Molder
    1st President